If you are traveling to Milan in May there are a few things you need to know: Milan is a city that breathes football. The two most successful and popular teams in the town, Inter Milan and AC Milan, are set to face each other in two hotly anticipated matches on May 10th and 16th. As the excitement builds, let’s look back at the history of these iconic teams.


Inter Milan was founded in 1908 by a group of Italian and Swiss football enthusiasts. The name “Inter,” stands for “Internazionale” and reflects the team’s original mission to bring together players from different countries. Inter won their first Serie A title in 1910, and they have gone on to win 19 more since then, including five Champions League titles


AC Milan, on the other hand, was founded in 1899 and has been playing football for over 120 years. The team initially started as the football division of AC Milan Cricket and Football Club, but it became a separate entity in 1926. Milan has won 18 Serie A titles, seven Champions League trophies, and four FIFA Club World Cup titles


Milan derby matches are always highly anticipated affairs. The atmosphere in the city is electric, as fans from both teams create a sea of red and blue around the streets on their way to San Siro, the stadium that is shared by the two teams is also the bigger one in Italy.

An almost palpable sense of tension and excitement fills the air during these matches.


The rivalry between the two teams is not just about footballing success, it is also about the cultural and historical differences between the two sides of the city. Milan is often seen as the team of the people, while Inter is viewed as the team of the aristocracy, obviously over time this distinction has faded away.

Ultimately, Milan versus Inter matches is about the passion of the fans and the players. These games are a showcase of the best of Italian football and bring together the city of Milan in a way that few other events can. We promise to be an incredible experience that no football fan will want to miss.