We follow our dream

FollowMi Around: unlocking the authentic Milan experience, unleashing the local spirit

The main goal of FollowMi Around is to provide travelers with an authentic Milanese experience, immersing them in the local culture as if they were residents themselves. We all recognize that the most enriching way to discover a new place is by strolling through its streets with a local friend. That’s precisely why our team, comprised of young locals, has pooled their expertise and talents to transform a dream into reality: sharing the true essence of Italian culture in the most authentic manner, providing you with a travel experience that seamlessly integrates you into the local community.

Established in 2018 by an Italian entrepreneur who had lived abroad for several years, FollowMi Around was born out of a deep passion for travel and a genuine curiosity for different cultures. This led her to leave her corporate jobs behind and embark on an exciting new adventure: a career that seamlessly combines her love for exploration, fun, and professionalism.

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FollowMi Around is sustainable!

At our company we are committed to sustainable travel practices while promoting local culture. During our tours we exclusively move by public transportation and walking. By doing so, we reduce our environmental impact and contribute to the vitality of the local community, supporting small local businesses and artisans.

Our local guides


He’s friendly, lovely and always happy to meet new people and share his passion for Milano, the city where he born.
After working long time at the train station without any satisfaction, Simone decided to change his life with a new adventure as a tour guide.
Everything started in 2017 when her cousin with a friend come to visit the city with him.
The week-end was so nice and Simon has the Idea to share the passion of the city also for foreign guests.
Passionate about geography, trekking and foreign languages, Simone can speak well 4 languages and will show you little secrets of the city, sometimes sharing past experiences from his trips.
Walking tours, food tours, hiking tours, shopping tours, cooking class and pub crawl, you can ask what you prefer and Simone will be ready to create your experience.


Marco’s love for the art and history goes a long way back, he has always been passionate about the ancient civilizations, their lore and customs, their wisdom and traditions. Marco thinks Milan isn’t usually regarded as a historical city, people know it for the fashion and business, but there is actually another side to it. Join Marco on a walk around the city and together we’ll shine a different light on one of the most unique and vibrant cities in the world, from the Roman time to the present day.


Francesco was born in 1992 in a small town in Friuli Venezia Giulia. He totally define himself a “busy bee”!

After several years working in the field of graphic design, he finished his university and obtained a master’s degree in Architectural Sciences, at the Polytechnic of Milan.

He lived for a year in Australia, a country that he deeply love, working offline as a barista and online helping young Architecture students to pass their exams, providing them online courses!

His two greatest passions are music and travel! His love for discovering this wonderful planet continually brings me into contact with different cultures.

His passion for tourism comes from different family travel experiences, which led he to explore different cultures and destinations around the world.

This interest then turned into a profession, with the aim of sharing his knowledge and offering unique memories and experiences to travellers!


After her graduation in business she started working abroad in a big corp. After few years she understood that the 9 to 5 works was not made for her. She decided then to leave everything and travel solo in central and south America. Her travel ended with a bad leg injuries and she couldn’t walk for 4 months. During these sad times she started to dream to create the job she would love. That’s why in 2018 she founded FollowMi Around: to spread the love for Italy and meet always with people from all over the world.


After 12 years trying to find himself in the corporate world, he realized he should follow his dream of becoming a Chef. After a few years as a chef in a famous Italian restaurant near Cinque Terre, he realized that from inside the kitchen he couldn’t communicate the way he wanted with guests through the food. That’s why today he tries to change peoples mindset through food experiences, cooking classes, tastings, and also sharing his inspiring story with them.


After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics for cultural heritage and entertainment, she decided to specialize in marketing and communications addressed to the media world. She gained several experiences in large companies but her strong passion for travel and exploration led her to FollowMi Around. Milanese for 10 years, but of Emilian origins, Stella loves food and wine, photography and discovering new amazing places to share with her family and friends.


Francesco is a professional tour leader and a cultural anthropologist, specialised on food and tourism, who speaks fluently English, French and Spanish. During his PhD, he did his fieldwork in Cinque Terre, but he has also worked in Kenya and Seychelles and travelled to Australia and New Zealand. After 18 years of work in a Milanese trattoria, he can tell you everything about Milanese food and let you try the most authentic local delicacies, also sharing with you his passion for ancient history and languages, while discovering the hidden gems of Milan and their dark secrets and ghost stories.


Born in the former Yugoslavia, Irena has always been a citizen of the world. She studied foreign languages at the University in Croatia, and thanks to 3 scholarships she had won and spent in Italy, after graduation, Irena decided to move to Milan. She is passionate about art, travelling, different cultures, and forign languages. Irena works as an Abroad Experience Coordinator at the Vocational school in Milan, trying to convey the same passion to her students. She loves talking about art, history, Italian culture, food, and meeting new people, the reason why she was so excited to join Followmi around (dream) team.


Always curious to discover the world and passionate about traveling, Giulia holds a bachelor’s degree in languages and cultures for tourism and a master’s degree in tourism economics.
Following several experiences abroad, first in Spain and then in the USA (Hawaii), Giulia returned to Monza, her hometown.
And it is here in Lombardy, and specifically in Milan, that she wants to accompany tourists to help them discover a dynamic and innovative place, different from typical Italian cities, which does not lack Italian history and tastes.