We follow our dream

FollowMI Around is growing and making foreigners experience the real Milan, as if they were Locals!

Following our passion

FollowMI Around was founded a few years ago by young Italian entrepreneurs who experienced living abroad for years and found out how passionate they were about travelling and discovering other cultures. They therefore decided to leave their corporate jobs and dive into a new exciting experience: an employment that could mix passion, love, fun and professionality.

Meeting new people

We all know that the best way to discover a new place is walking around with a local friend. That's why our team of young local people gathered all their experience and skills to give life to a dream: sharing the Italian culture in the most genuine way possible, offering you a travel experience as if you were a local!

Experience Milan with us!

The Team


After moving from her hometown, Cremona, to Milan in 2009 to study Economics and Business, she lived abroad working in Amsterdam, Berlin and Maastricht. In 2017 she left her corporate job in a multinational company and decided to travel alone, with a backpack, starting from Mexico City to Colombia for 6 months.
Once back to Italy, the passion for adventures and sharing, together with travel experiences, made her wonder whether a corporate job was meant for her…

She loves to show people around Italy, she’s proud of her country and, if she starts to talk about it, her eyes sparkle. She also enjoys cooking dishes from her her grandmother Carmen's and her auntie Rosa's recipe books. Art and sport are her passions, she practices basketball and triathlon.


Passionate about design, architecture and urbanism, he loves to lose himself walking in the city, discovering its hidden gems and finding a new favourite cafeteria to have a cappuccino.

Living in the city for a while, he is always excited to show people his favourite places and tell them fun facts about the city and its citizens. Definitely a good laugh mate.

Brazilian, living in Milan, he just graduated in engineering.


Savvy traveler, avid explorer, dynamic polyglot, Niko can speak well six languages.

He loves to share his passion for Milan, his city, where he just came back after spending about three years living abroad. He lived and studied in China and later started a long overland journey on the Silk Road from Beijing to Iran, eventually moving on to explore the Indian Subcontinent, traveling without a pause for more than one year.

Passionate about history and geography, he always tries to get off the beaten track, but sometimes he just tries to avoid the tram tracks when riding his bicycle.

Let yourself be guided by Niko, he will show you the best of Milan through the cosmopolitan eyes of a local and you’ll discover the unexpected!


He’s friendly, lovely and always happy to meet new people and share his passion for Milan, the city where he was born.

After a long trip in Japan he understood how important for a foreigner is to discover a city from a local's point of view. That’s why he decided to take part in our team.

Passionate about geography, trekking and foreign languages, Simone can speak well 4 languages and will show you little secrets of the city, sometimes sharing past experiences from his trips.