Milan Treasure Hunt

Embark on an Adventurous Quest: The Milan Treasure Hunt – Unveiling the City's Secrets!  

2/3 hours

Meeting point

your hotel/TBD

Ending point

Porta Venezia Area

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For those who yearn to discover Milan in a thrilling and interactive manner, or seek an extraordinary team-building experience, we present the ultimate treasure hunt. Prepare to be captivated as a charismatic local guide escorts you through the city’s hidden gems, transforming your exploration into a delightfully entertaining affair.

Engage in a series of clever challenges and captivating riddles, designed to unlock the city’s secrets. It’s not just about finding clues but immersing yourself in the essence of Milan, its landmarks, stories, and legends.

Guided by your knowledgeable companion, you’ll wind through picturesque alleys, vibrant piazzas, and historic neighborhoods. The treasures of Milan will be revealed, not merely through physical artifacts, but through the stories woven within its cobblestone streets and majestic architecture.

As your team weaves together, communication and collaboration become the keys to success. Bond with your companions, share laughter and revel in the thrill of discovery as you conquer each challenge. 

The treasure hunt serves as a captivating gateway to Milan’s soul, allowing you to absorb the city’s essence in a way that transcends conventional sightseeing. It is a celebration of curiosity, adventure, and the joy of unraveling the enigmatic tapestry of Milanese heritage.

Join us on this exhilarating treasure hunt, where Milan becomes your playground and the pursuit of knowledge is enlivened by the spirit of adventure. Unearth the city’s secrets, forge unforgettable memories, and emerge with a profound connection to Milan and its captivating allure.

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  • Local expert
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Tour Plan

Let's meet we will meet in a convenient location (Piazza San Fedele)
Bar 1 Another great spot for drinking games and drink discounts
Bar 2 Wonderful place and tasty drinks here!
Bar 3 Navigli canals area Last stop is gonna be epic!

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