As you certainly know, Italy is the homeland of the famous APERITIVO, a happy moment at the end of the working day.  Apritivo can be mostly drinks ( especially if a dinner table is booked later) or mix between food and drinks. Everyone loves this because it’s the perfect image of the Italian lifestyle: chilling and enjoying good food and drinks. Especially Milan is famous for its “happy hour” tradition: lots of people gather along the Navigli and spend time together in one of the numerous bars. Here a list of bars we like the most in Navigli!

Rita - Via Angelo Fumagalli, 1

Rita is the first bar in Milano where you can compare cocktails with work of art. Tastes, colors and shapes are so different from the usual bars. Bea ready to embrace your six senses once you try their drinks. Bar is rather small but there are standing tables outside. During aperitivo time a nice tray of little nibs will be served with drink. Cheers!

Backdoor 43 - Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43

Backdoor 43 is famous to be the smallest bar in Milan (or maybe world?!). Only one table inside (booking way in advance needed). But don’t worry, weather in Milan is pretty good, and our way of drinking is standing in group of friends. Therefore this bar is the perfect place where to get amazing cocktails at a good price and sip them on the canal shore. So if you love good drinks but you don’t care to sit in a fancy bar this is the place to be. You will order and you will get your drink from a small window and you’ll be never able to see the barman face! Intriguing

UGO Cocktail Bar - Bistrot - Via Corsico, 12

Ugo is nowadays one of the most popular bars in Milan. Situated in via Corsico, it serves really good and innovative cocktails in a cool and authentic atmosphere. Available also the classic Milanese cocktails: Negroni and Negroni Sbagliato, you need to try them! The aperitivo dish is quite rich, therefore it is so busy at aperitivo time. We strongly advise to book in advance!  




Iter - Via Mario Fusetti, 1

Iter is one of the newest bar of this list, but it has anyway great taste! The bar decoration theme is the travel and you will find this element in all food and drinks you’ll get there. If you are not sure about which cocktail to try ask to the great bar tenders, they will be able to create the best drink for you.

Located in a quiter areas than the other bars, going to Iter you will meet many locals.


Elita BAR - Via Corsico, 5

Great drink and great drinks! At Elita the aperitivo has been upgrated to “tapas dinner”. Try one of their unique cocktails and then don’t resist one of their amazing nibbles. Octopus, fries and more. Here you will be able to spend a long aperitivo on their big window (or outside table) while looking at the busy and cool via Corsico.

These are all the best 5 bars in Navigli for us! But of course they’re not the only ones! And if you look for something else please ask us and we will be happy to help you!

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