Food & Drink Experiences

Italy is mostly known all over the world for its amazing food… Who doesn’t love pasta, pizza and tiramisù?! It is a pity to come to Italy and not being able to learn how to cook some of the best dishes of our tradition from zero! In our cooking classes you can learn, step by step, how a Italian Mamma prepares her gnocchi, or pasta. What about the amazing wine selection, which is recognized as one of the best one worldwide? The city has the wider choice of food coming from all over the country, and our local expert can guide you through hidden flavors and emotions. You have not been in Milan if you haven’t tried our street food tour?! This is a unique way to explore the city as if you were Milanese. Get a good glass of wine and some nibbles with us while walking around the city and discovering all its secrets!

Tour details

  • Best seasons All year round
  • Intrerests Cooking class, wine tasting, Navigli aperitivo
  • Language English
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