Through my years of traveler, I’ve learned that the best way to get to know a place, its history, its important facts, and its culture is through a tour. Usually, the tour guides have a lot of knowledge of their cities, they also have a lot of information to share about a political, economic, and social situation and they can share with you special places such as amazing restaurants for locals and places where to meet other travelers around.

Here are some important tips I always take into consideration when looking for a tour.

Punctuality and cordiality


You might ask yourself how do you know if a tour guide will be on time or if the tour company it’s organized? well the first thing you need to look is reviews.

Reviews will tell you everything, from how affable was the tour guide, to if people had any problems with refunding. Most of the good companies are reviewed through TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Facebook.


Historical Facts

History is one of the components I always look for when I take a tour. It’s important for me to get as much knowledge of the place I’m visiting since it could be the only time I’ll be there, have insight and picture yourself how history developed there, the characters, the facts, and stories around where my feet are touching the ground.

In Italy there are many towns and cities full of interesting facts, secrets, myths, and legends to know about, it is the country with more UNESCO sights and therefore it’s full of amazing stories to learn from. If you are thinking of traveling to Italy passing by Milan you will find FollowMi Aorund a fun and creative tour company lead by young people that will take you into the most immersive free walking tour that you can find in Mila

Local Tips

A good tour will make you want to keep exploring around, going by yourself, or even it will push you to take another tour with the same company, either way, travel to a foreign country is an amazing experience to grow and understand other cultures.

Another thing to keep in mind, on a local tour the guides should be able to give advice on where to go beyond the tour, they should make recommendations on restaurants, bars, museums, places that tourists are interested in, even where to go shopping.

Before choosing a company, check in-depth their websites and social media and get a hint on how they manage small details, like schedule, tour guides’ names, and reviews!

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If you are in Milan today check FollowMi Around, you won’t regret the stories, the cordiality, and how you will view the city from a local perspective.