What should you do in Milan when it rains? 5 tips to discover the city with your rain boots on

Let’s be honest, the weather is not one of Milan’s biggest strengths but THE Italian cosmopolitan city has so much to offer even when the sun isn’t shining!

So if it rains when you are in town, just grab your umbrella and get ready to see the city under a different perspective.


  1. Beginning with the basics, on a rainy day you can take advantage and visit a variety of museums and a lot of them for free. MUDEC is a 17,000 square meters museum with different facilities and exhibitions; with its own bistro, store and even activities for kids going on, you can easily spend your whole day there without even realizing it. Another gem of the city is the Pinacoteca di Brera, located in the design district, the Pinacoteca is believed to be one of the public galleries with Italy’s finest art; and if you’re in the Duomo area visit the Palazzo Reale, aside from being a beautiful building itself, it also hosts exhibitions with art flying in from all over the world.


  1. Something that is not missing in Milan – and in Italy in general – it’s churches. You can visit a variety of different churches, each one with its own peculiarity. Our top three are San Bernardino alle Ossa with a room with walls fully covered in bones..spooky. We recommend Santa Maria presso San Satiro to be bedazzled by the beauty of the optical illusion created by Bramante. Finally, visit San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, do not be misled by the gray stone facade as this church is home to frescoes of major Lombard artists.


  1. Fashion is a big deal in Milan and chances are you won’t leave the city without doing some shopping! Lucky for us, architects actually took into consideration the Milanese weather so you can walk&shop under the porticos from Duomo to San Babila almost without getting wet.


  1. Italy’s food scene is so diverse from North to South and if you join us to discover it all! Cook in a cozy style with us in our Cooking Class ( If you prefer Street Food, don’t miss it with our FoodTour in Brera (, we will take you on an enogastronomic journey through the country. There is some walking to do, yes, but you’ll be spending most of your time eating. This tour is not recommended for those who aren’t ready to get their mind blown!


  1. Come and explore Milan with our Free Walking Tour (; although we visit indoor locations, the tour is an outdoorsy activity but a few raindrops will not stop us from showing our city to the world!



Credit: Greta Barbera De Rosa

Credit. Greta Barbera