Secret Milan: 5 hidden gems for your stay in Milan

Want to skip long queues and overcrowded tourists spots while seeing the best kept secrets in Milan?

Just a few steps away form the frenetic and buzzing city centre you’ll be able to wander into the peace of the Quadrilatero del silenzio (Silence District) near Porta Venezia. Walk around to discover the hidden gems of Milan: from flamingos to eccentric buildings, this guide will show you a unique side of the Fashion Capital that will leave you stunned.

Palazzo Berri Meregalli – Via Cappuccini 8

This really is a one of a kind building that will leave you speechless. Built between 1911 and 1913 by the architect Giulio Ulisse Arata, Palazzo Berri Meregalli is the perfect example of eclectic architecture, since it incorporates a mixture of Gothic, Romantic and Liberty elements that create a new and original structure. You’ll also be able to go inside to admire golden mosaics and Adolfo Wildt’s marble sculpture La Vittoria that celebrates the ending of World War I.

Casa Galimberti and Guazzoni – Via Malpighi and Via Melzo

These are two main example of the Liberty stile of the beginning of the 20th century. The first one is a colorful and beautiful palace with nature, flora and fauna, paintings. The second one has amazing sculptures and balcony decorations. Both palaces were designed by the architect Bossi.

Flamingos in Villa Invernizzi – Via Cappuccini 7

Yes, you can admire flamingos not in a zoo but in the middle of the city! From the iron gates of this private residence you’ll be able to peek at pink flamingos bathing in the fountain and strolling around. They were brought here in the 70s from Africa and Chile by the Invernizzi Family, an Italian-renowned dairy company. The flamingos won’t fly away because their feathers are regularly trimmed and they have adapted into this new environment. In this perfect garden with roses and magnolia flowers they are extremely fond of their meals consisting of shrimps and mixed grains.

Ear-shaped Intercom – Palazzo Sola Busca, Via Serbelloni 10

Just around the corner you’ll see a 20s Liberty-style building called Cà dell’oreggia (“Home of the Ear”) named after its huge bronze ear-shaped intercom. It’s a work of art built by Adolfo Wildt in the 30s and it sadly doesn’t operate anymore. It is said that if you whisper your wishes into the intercom, one day your dreams will come true.

770” (House of the Rabbi) – Via Carlo Poerio 35

If you feel like you’ve already seen this building somewhere else you might not be wrong. It’s in fact one of the identical 16 “770” around the world, the only one in Europe. It’s a replica of the famous house in 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, home of the central headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement. The original 770 was built in New York during the 40s to give shelter to Yoseph Yitzchok, the leading rabbi of this Jewish community escaping from Nazi Germany, hence the name “House of the Rabbi”. With elements that resemble more Dutch architecture, this Neogothic structure really does stand out in the Liberty neighbourhood of the Milan.

These are only some of the hidden gems in the Quadrilatero del silenzio. If you want more insight into the history and architecture of Milan in one of the most fascinating and less frenetic side of the city, join us in our free walking tour – Free Secret Milan Tour, available on Sunday from 11 am.


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