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22 Febbraio ore 15

Meeting point: Piazza 24 Maggio (sotto la porta)

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Costo: euro 14 a persona

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All about the tour Da Porta TICINESE a Porta LODOVICA

22 Febbraio ore 15

Meeting point: Piazza 24 Maggio (sotto la porta)

Una passeggiata tra i segreti tra le due porte, da antichi corsi d’acqua a edifici universitari futuristici, esempi di una città in grande crescita.

Costo: euro 14 a persona

Meeting point :Meeting point: Piazza 24 Maggio (sotto la porta)

Durata 2 ore circa.


Tour details
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  • Meeting point: Piazza 24 Maggio (sotto la porta)
  • Meeting time: 15
  • Duration: 2 hrs
  • Distance covered: around 3 km
  • Physical Condition: normal
  • Language: Italian
  • Inclusions: walking tour guidato

Walking tour is a very popular format around the world. We are tired of big groups and boring itineraries through the touristy areas of the city, we want to offer a more authentic experience. Our concept is based on friendship and trust.

It is mandatory to book the tours in advance. Please note that reservation must be made 1 hour in advance.

It is mandatory to inform us in advance if you want to cancel your booking.

You will receive your money back if you cancel your booking until 4 hours before the walking tour.

The tour includes a walk with a local through the city of Milan, in case of extra inclusions check the tour details

Bring with you water, hat and an umbrella , be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Yes, the tour has a price. If you book for more people you have a discount on price!

Tour duration is between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Distance covered might vary, usually around 2.5 km. Never more than 3.5 km

Yes, everyone can join the tour!

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