Photo Contest Winner – The feeling of Piemonte


@Die Sun

We live in an awaking world, we are awakening from all the destruction we have created during the 1900s, the industrial revolution, the wars, pollution, devastation of lands, environment, fast-fashion, racism, and the infinite problems human beings caused in the past. This is the time to wake up, turn on our creativity, and work together towards rebuilding a promising green future.


The topic of the photo contest was nature because we as a company wanted to highlight the importance of earth today, in a busy and sometimes selfish world that is just about to realize that resources are less because of climate change, because of our actions. Earth is our home and there’s no place like it, we have to value what we have today, we need to look out our windows and realize nature is the only way to go back to “a better earth”, let’s think green, let’s be responsible with what we consume, let’s take care of each others future, because what you do have an impact not just in you but in everyone else around.


Our best take on today is making you, who is reading, be aware of all these things, making you think of the issues we are going through and the future problems, but just if we can change our behavior, if we can live among nature without hurting it, violating the relationship with it, then we are on the right track. 

This is just a small reminder because we feel responsible, because we are willing to speak the word and because we want you to join us in this process. Let’s do it together. 

Why we decided to choose this picture from all our contestants, the reason is simple, the story behind it.


It was taken in Piemonte, Italy, around Monferrato area. This is a typical Italian sunset but as everything, it has its own meaning and its unique experience, we did an interview with our fellow winner, her name is Die Sun. Let’s see what she told us about this photo:



How did you like this place? what did this place make you feel? what do you remember about that moment?


Die Sun:

We were driving at sunset, in the middle of the fields and the vineyards, enjoying the view. Everything was just peaceful and the view breathtaking.


What is the best memory of this trip? 


We came back from the trip just feeling so relaxed and happy. We enjoyed the peace and the simplicity of rural life, with local wine and food and wandering around the fields from time to time.


Did you think about making this photo or it was impulsive? 


I told Matteo to slow down so I could take a picture from the car.


Do you like sunsets, if yes why? 


I enjoy watching colors change, you can see different tones of colors, also at the same time weather cools down so it is also a very pleasant moment during hot summer days


Tell us something about yourself in one sentence


I like traveling very much. I like being on the road, traveling for food, with my friends, to explore, to find places where I can relax. 

I like Piemonte as its close from home and we can easily drive there, it can offer us amazing local food and wine (!!!), and stunning farmhouses where we can just chill and relax with amazing views on the fields.


Traveling around Italy won’t let you down, and this is one more proof of how amazing and beautiful Italy is, how people feel about it and how locals enjoy everything of it.


We encourage you to come and visit around, we know there’s Venice, Milan and Rome, but there are magical places that can offer unique experiences. Don’t think it twice, Italy is here for you.


If you have ideas on climate change and how we can impact other lives let us know, we are ready to change the world.


Die sun

IG is dio_sole