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Phase two of the COVID-19 How to get around Milan?

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Milan is the Business heart of Italy and the subway transports around 1.4 million passengers daily between tourists and workers, but that’s not by far the way Italians love to get around the city. Cars are still the preferred choice for people. 

Despite these numbers, during the second phase of the Coronavirus, a lot of citizens will have second thoughts about taking the bus or the subway, in fear of contracting the virus people will turn to drive their cars, but recently the mayor of Milan decided to make some changes in order to improve mobility in a healthy way for people to get to their jobs. 


New routes and streets are designed for commuters to get walking or using the bike, let’s see which are the main streets affected: 


Pedestrian Streets

In Lazzaretto neighborhood:

  • Via Lecco, Largo Bellintani and via Benedetto Marcello have been modified to be pedestrian streets.

In Isola neighborhood:

  • Via Toce has been modified to be a pedestrian lane and a playground street for kids.

Bike lanes

  • San Babila – Sesto Marelli
  • From Bisceglie to Buonarroti
  • Along the axis Legioni Romane-Berna -Zurigo that goes until Caterina da Forlì, Sardegna and Buonarroti.

Other ways affected with the bike lanes in the next few weeks will change the direction of the natural sense of the street, the cars will be circulating at 30km as a rule, those streets include: 

  • Viale Certosa, viale Zara-viale Testi, viale Romagna-viale Campagna-viale Molise, viale Famagosta-via Faenza. 


This is a good start to think more “green” and support the eco-sustainable initiatives of the government. It could be a huge change in the day to day life for a lot of reasons, including health factors and a different mindset in your lifestyle.


Here are some reasons why it’s important to support this initiative:



  • Safer and secure from virus


It could be the first reason you can think of during this period, and it’s one of the most important ones, when you go out walking or by bike you can control the distance between you and other people, just remember to have your mask and gloves with you all the time. 



  • Health


Why not start working out regularly, moving your body, and stretching out daily? if you were doing it during the lockdown, then this is a great way to keep staying healthy and active. 

Exercise improves mood, helps with stress, and boosts your energy, get deeper in this topic with MayoClinic 

Photo by @jf_photography


  • Environment


It’s one of the aims of the mayor but it should not be just his concern, without stopping our daily lives we can contribute to a better future, less polluted streets and more active people in regards to this topic. If you are interested in digging more about the environment in Italy you can check this article from ohga! 


  • Be punctual!


Sometimes when you want to get to your workplace, a meeting, or an appointment with a friend you need to think twice if to grab your car is the most convenient transportation. Traffic is one of the main problems in cities like Milan and it can bring many side effects like pollution to the air, delays on schedules and it can make you more stressed. Ride a bike is a faster, cleaner and more punctual way, if you manage your schedule correctly.


Many people don’t ride a bike to their jobs because they can smell or sweat, but there are many options to avoid these things. One is having a bag with a change of clothing, just like many women and men in the US, Netherlands for example, that walk around nicely dressed, you will see them with their double handbag or a sports bag and a smaller hang bag in which they bring their “sports commuter outfit”.


Choose a bike that is electric, which will help you to avoid sweat if your commute it’s a little long, you don’t have to pedal that much.

If you’re not really in a mood for physical exercise you can always choose to get an electric scooter, there are several kinds of scooters that you can choose from, high and low budget, and the positive side is that it doesn’t take that much space either in your house or in the office, you can always keep it in your workspace.


Finally, our last option would be a segway, but this is a serious investment, and one of the cons is that it occupies more space than a scooter but it’s a fast, eco-sustainable and sweat-free convey that will give you the opportunity to be safe and think about the environment.

At FollowMi Around we encourage tourists to walk around the city, you’ll discover amazing hidden gems that you would never think are there and you will enjoy the view and the weather. Be a tourist in your own city, there’s nothing wrong with it, next time a friend visits from another country you’ll be able to show them around and go beyond the common touristy places, you can also think of us if you need a Free walking tour around Milan!