Cooking And Eating Together

Milan Cooking Classes: make new friends while cooking (and drinking) together!

What is that makes Italy famous all over the world? The Rome Colosseum or Pisa tower?
Which is the most important Italian masterpiece? Monalisa or the last supper?
Sorry to say… but none of these above… the most important thing in Italy is: FOOD, and; the Italian masterpieces are: PIZZA, PASTA, TIRAMISU’ and many more dishes of the culinary tradition.

You have to know that the only way to really feel like a local Italian is to talk at least 50% of your time about food, and spend 50% of your free time around the kitchen, maybe with a good glass of wine in your hand.
Then add couple of hours a day that you will be seating while eating with friends and family, shouting and discussing about politics, or football, or the global warming or, always about food, obviously.
You must be aware, also, that the real secret of Italian cuisine is simplicity! With few ingredients we create something unique.

Do you know how to prepare fresh pasta? To make the pizza dough? What about the amazing tiramisù?!
If the answer is “no” or “meh”, you have to discover this unique opportunity to learn with fun how to cook while meeting people from all over the world: Our Cooking Class!
Guided by passionate Italian “chefs” and their grandmother recipes books, learn how to cook the most important dishes of the Italian tradition and make your grandmother proud!
In FollowMI Around cooking class everyone is welcome and the objective is to have fun, and enjoy life, which are really important aspects of the Italian culture as well!

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Make new friends, Learn new things, Learn Italian, Feel Italian, live like a local, Learn Italian culture, Enjoy life.