In May, we had the pleasure of hosting a passionate Turkish food blogger Yemek Güzel. He joined FollowMi_Around on a food tour through the vibrant streets of Milan.

Our food companion documented the journey on his social media and blog, capturing every moment to share with their readers back home.

We are thrilled to present the delightful account planned by our friend Yemek!

How to discover Milan

Milan is Italy’s fashion, art, and cultural capital, and its cuisine is also quite rich. One of the best ways to experience and explore this richness is to take part in a Milan food tour. Food tours are typically organized to discover different restaurants, local markets, or hidden gems in the city. 

By joining a food tour, you can experience the city’s gastronomic heritage with a local guide, have the opportunity to taste local flavors, and learn interesting facts about the city.

We had the same experience on the food tour of FollowMi_Around company.  

Without joining the tour, we would probably not have discovered a small square where we met our guide Marco. We visited places frequented by locals in narrow streets and explored the city together“.

Breakfast: Italian or Turkish?

“Our breakfast stop was a local coffee shop.

As part of the tour program, we also had a sweet pastry with our coffee. There were also two American women who joined the tour with us. We quickly engaged in conversation and each ordered a different type of pastry to share while chatting. While sharing our breakfast, we listened to Marco’s stories about Milan cuisine and the lifestyle of Milanese people“.

Time for lunch!

“Our next stop was a shop that made sandwiches to go.

There were numerous ingredients waiting to be spread on bread and large slices of meat being sliced as sandwiches were being prepared. 

This was the most delicious point of the Milan food tour for me.

After that, we had one of the most delicious stops in a small shop that made fried pasta, called “frittatina”. While sipping a beer, the guide arrived with flavor bombs in hand. They had created thick, round slices from pasta with cheese, covered and fried them. The outside was crispy, and the inside melted in your mouth”. 

Finally, dessert!

“The final stop of our tour was a stall that made cannoli. This is a classic Italian dessert where cone-shaped pastries are filled with a dense cream made with ricotta cheese. The fillings at both ends are dipped in different toppings according to the customer’s preference. Options include pistachio, chocolate, and orange peel jam.

The Milan food tour organized by FollowMi Around company ended on a sweet note”.

Thank you Yemek! 

FollowMi_Around invites you to delve into the enchanting world of Milanese food, as narrated by the Turkish food blogger.

Discover the warmth of Milan’s culinary scene and ignite your own wanderlust for delectable adventures with FollowMi_Around food tours.

Let us transport you to the magical world of Milan’s food tour, one bite at a time.