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Do you know Milan has Street art?

Discover the urban and alternative side of the city in Navigli area.

Usually people expect from Milan 2 things: fashion & trades. If the only things you imagine to discover during your stay are: boutiques, high level restaurants and fancy bars… well, you are wrong!

Do you enjoy to go out of the usual tourist path and discover the real soul of the city? If the answer is yes, read this article.
Milan has a great urban soul and its great street art is the example of it.

Here some examples of the great open air masterpieces you can find in the Navigli/Ticinese:

– Navigli Canals Area – Various:

In this area you will find more than one wall painted. We advise you to check the Corona Walls in Alzaia Naviglio Grande. The wall is a big statement for a “Free of plastic planet”. Go also via Mangolfa for nice hidden walls celebrating the most famous Milanese poet: Alda Merini.

– Via Troilo – Music is a never ending journey:

Here you find the most spectacular and big wall of the city. Simply a celebration of music as the beating heart of the universe, which has no limits and rules. Check the wall at night, special colors have been used!

– Ripa di Porta Ticinese – Various TV boy works:

Ripa di Porta Ticinese is the coolest street in Milan. Here you will find vintage and alternative shops; as well as many art works from TV boy. Such as the AC Milan and FC Internazionale football teams ex coaches; also the Salvini and Di Maio “war of social network” and the “Hipster Frida”. All TV boy woks have a title, QR code and explanation next to it.

– Colonne di San Lorenzo – Milan Hi-Story:

An amazing wall which is a celebration of the exciting history of the city and its main personalities. From Leonardo to Verdi, different artists represented with their own style the ancient history of Milan with a modern touch.

This are just some of the street art you can find in Milan. Discover Milan Street art with our Free Street Art Tour on Saturdays Morning!


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