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6 Storytelling tips for beginners



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Storytelling is a trendy topic, even though it’s present since humans were able to speak and pass from one generation to another the stories about their existence. Humanity told stories not just through speaking but paintings, the remainings of the first paintings found in caverns, show us the power of storytelling.

But what is storytelling? according to Wikipedia it “describes the social and cultural activities of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisation, theatrics or embellishments”.

Here are some tips to improve your skills of Storyteller:


  • The core of the story


First you need to check if you have a strong story and you are really good at narrating your or other’s personal experience, you just need to translate it to the different media that the XXI century has to offer. Or on the contrary, if you aren’t sure your stories are that amazing to captive a lot of attention try some of these 8 Tips to make a great storyteller.


  • I don’t have a story…


If you don’t really know where to start, think about the situations you’ve been through, even if you remember them as good or bad experiences, that could be a first step to approach one story. Take it and write it multiple times, add and delete details and tell it to your friends. You can get stories from going to a museum or from watching YouTube, and that’s why it is important to consume as much information as you can, not just from one place but from different sources.


  • Where to expose the story


As mentioned before one can use any medium to show a story, as a number one tell your friends when you meet them. If you don’t feel confident to go on and post it as video on YouTube, create images, take some photos with your phone, you can retouch them easily and free (on your phone) with LightRoom, and start exposing pieces of your story one day at a time. 

You can tell your story through multiple mediums at the same time, with the core clear in your head, just invite people to follow your thread in different platforms.


  • Tips to make good videos 


If you are ready to make a video you can approach it in different ways. You can film yourself with your phone and talk directly to the camera, here’s an interesting video that can help you out.

You can create a slideshow of nice pictures, check out this storyteller. You can create a live stream through YouTube and it’ll be recorded on your channel so you can promote it and other people can watch it later. Check this example from FollowMi around, we had so much fun, also you can get inspiration from these stories.


  • Practice makes perfect 


Just as the old quote says, practice every day, write as many stories as you can, edit the same stories with different endings, change some characters, write them backward, write one new story every day but change another that you already wrote, with practice, you will dominate your narrative. 


  • Inspiration


Play around with inspiration, explore the world, through the computer and physically. There are many options to fill your head with; read books and watch movies and analyze them, your rational part should mess around with your feelings, you will see that soon you will have a lot to talk about.


To listen to some good storytelling about traveling challenges, check our storytelling event (in Italian), on may 3rd 9pm CET