12 short Italian trips from Milan

Venice. Photo by @ripato


If you are thinking to travel close to Milan during this period, here are some recommendations of beautiful places you can enjoy every weekend, it is not necessary to stay out a week or so and take a risk if you feel scared of the virus. Travel different and get to know places maybe you haven’t even heard of them before.


One of the most beautiful things about living in Italy is that you can rent a car (if you don’t have one), and move around to small towns, close to where you live and admire simple and beautiful places, restaurants and landscapes!

If you are in Milan, these are three places you can go for a small tour day. You can go to a small town called Melegnano, One of the Medici Castles is there, you can get there by train or car. The Castle it’s very pretty and has a lot of history, there’s a small cafe next to the castle where you can sit outside and admire the building.

Photo @lcdv

Go to Lake Como, it’s an hour trip by train and you just can’t stop walking around, if you want to go deeper in the lake you’ll need to get a car. There are plenty of walking tours and hiking tours on the mountains.

On the west side of the north of Italy is Torino, two hours away from Milan and you’ll enjoy a historic and cultural town, a day of walking around the city center and eating in some really good restaurants.


One of the most beautiful towns, almost leaving the country is Val de Aosta, you can find buildings with medieval architecture, surrounded by the Alps and some fields, if you go by car you can appreciate the strategic position of war-castles along the way that will make you want to know more about this town.

Val de Aosta.


Photo by @matreding

If you wanna enjoy a weekend out of the city go to the north-east side of Italy, first stop is Bergamo, 45 minutes by car from Milan: is an ancient town, their first inhabitants date from the barbaric period.You will find that is divided into two parts, the lower and higher part. The higher part is where the history is. You can appreciate some amazing Villas and the different architecture of the buildings during  different periods until now.



Next stop in your trip should be Lake Garda, Sirmione. You can walk along the Villas and houses build with a contemporary air, from the 80’s and the 90’s, and at the end of the kind of Peninsula, you will find a Castle build in a fortress that is delimited by the Lake. Some goosebumps can run your spine because of the scenery. You can find ice-cream almost on every corner and you can visit the ruins of a sizeable Roman Villa.Verona, two hours away from Milan, is it is the second largest city in the region of Veneto. It is popular because of the artistic heritage, there’s an arena, which is like a small coloseum, where a lot of important cultural shows take place.


Here’s a Verona’s cultural fact, two William Shakespeare’s plays took place here: Romeo and Juliet and the two gentlemen of Verona. You’ll have a beautiful experience. Photo @albertobigoni.


Another place you can go to that is not very popular but is worth visiting is Vicenza, it’s an enigmatic and interesting town, there are plenty of art exhibitions and you can enjoy aperitivo or diner in the main square of the town.


Before arriving to Venice you’ll get to Padua, which is a beautiful, a little larger city than the ones mentioned before. One of the most curious places there, is called Prato della Valle, with a centric island surrounded by 70+ historic figures of the area. The city has an ancient vibe in it, you can find old toilets sitting on the floor which are very common here, it’s a funny experience to use this kind of restrooms. There’s a long shopping street where you can get to buy popular brands or local craftsmanship.

Photo by @stefanosegato


On the Adriatic Coast we can finally find Venice, with one of the oldest cafes in Italy, Cafe Florian but remember you’ll need to book before going, after strolling in Venice, go to Burano, which is not as famous as Venice but is the island next to it, here you can buy beautiful crafts made by glass, the colors of the houses are so vivid that you want to take more than one selfie around.


If you want to finish your trip between the sea and the river go a little south from Venice to Delta del Po, it is a magical place, where you can see how the river turns its waters to the sea, you will find fisherman houses on the side of the sea, and on the other side rice plantations. It is a quite unique.


Photo @rndm95